This page contains flyers, pamphlets and downloads that you may find useful.

The Gamer Tri-fold

A tri-fold flyer for gamers, great to hand out at anywhere - especially conventions!

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The Developer Tri-fold

A tri-fold flyer for developers, spread these among your friends and colleagues!

Download .PDF

Intellectual Property Rights

What are your rights when working with intellectual property?

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Game Developer Wages & Conditions

A short guide for Australian game developers.

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Our Logos

A collection of our logos, colourised for print and digital use.

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Other Reading

Literature and articles that you may find useful for finding out more information on our movement. If you can recommend a book or article that will help further people's understanding of unions, please let us know!

What a labour union is and how it works, from Teen Vogue

The Union-Busting Playbook

A New York Times article: Videogames are Destroying the People Who Make Them

Michael Thomsen’s The Universe has been Outsourced

Sign the Pledge Against Crunch organized by Tanya Short

Economic Policy Institute: Why unions benefit everyone

On the Screen Actors Guild’s strike: The Video Game Industry is Afraid of Unions

Gameqol: a website that measures Quality of Life in the gaming industry

An excerpt documenting the legal actions taken by EA workers against crunch in the mid 2000s

The Change the Rules campaign going on right now in Australia

More resources from GWU International