Updates from Game Workers Unite Australia.

One Third of Australian Game Developers Earn Less Than Minimum Wage, Survey Shows

Australian game developers are struggling against poor pay, a lack of job security, and limited opportunities, according to survey data compiled and released by Game Workers Unite Australia ahead of Melbourne International Games Week.

GWU Newsletter #4

The recently released Kotaku article, exposing a pervasive culture of sexual harassment and abuse at Riot Games, was a shocking read for many game workers last week.

GWU Newsletter #3

In the wake of ArenaNet's sudden and unreasonably harsh sacking of Jessica Price and Peter Fries, many game workers in Australia are wondering: what are my rights when it comes to social media?

GWU Newsletter #2

In this newsletter we’ll be discussing the new Ubisoft announcement, speculative work, and what that could mean for our industry.

GWU Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be regular newsletters about organising in game work, and events and information you need to be aware of.