Updates from Game Workers Unite Australia.

GWU Australia Urges Voters To Support An Interactive Games Fund

Game Workers Unite Australia recognises and supports various announcements by both The Greens and the Australian Labor Party that they will commit to supporting the Australian Interactive Games Fund if elected this week.

Christchurch Tragedy Shows Need For Cultural Change In Games Industry

Our industry must also address how obvious games culture references were -- explicitly and implicitly -- used by the terrorists to demonstrate their support for a culture of white supremacy.

FireMonkeys Layoffs Show Urgent Need for Game Workers to Have a Voice

This is a devastating blow to local development - an extraordinarily disappointing decision which will affect the already crowded local freelancer and indie market, as well as the undergraduate student body.

One Third of Australian Game Developers Earn Less Than Minimum Wage, Survey Shows

Australian game developers are struggling against poor pay, a lack of job security, and limited opportunities, according to survey data compiled and released by Game Workers Unite Australia ahead of Melbourne International Games Week.

GWU Newsletter #4

The recently released Kotaku article, exposing a pervasive culture of sexual harassment and abuse at Riot Games, was a shocking read for many game workers last week.

GWU Newsletter #3

In the wake of ArenaNet's sudden and unreasonably harsh sacking of Jessica Price and Peter Fries, many game workers in Australia are wondering: what are my rights when it comes to social media?

GWU Newsletter #2

In this newsletter we’ll be discussing the new Ubisoft announcement, speculative work, and what that could mean for our industry.

GWU Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be regular newsletters about organising in game work, and events and information you need to be aware of.