GWU Australia Urges Voters To Support An Interactive Games Fund

Game Workers Unite Australia recognises and supports various announcements by both The Greens and the Australian Labor Party that they will commit to supporting the Australian Interactive Games Fund if elected this week.

The Greens have pledged $100 million towards the fund as part of their arts package, while the ALP have pledged $25 million as part of their arts package. GWU Australia congratulates both parties on recognising the urgent need to fund and support our vibrant and growing industry.

No other parties have announced any support for the Australian games industry as part of their election platform.

As the organisation representing game workers in Australia, we call on Greens and Labor politicians to ensure that this public money is used to support developers, co-operatives and businesses who have committed to ethical business practices and better wages.

We are deeply concerned that many game developers in Australia remain underpaid or in sham contracting roles. We believe that business applying for this funding should be required to demonstrate that they are adhering to the best industry standards: direct employment, better than minimum wages, and reasonable work hours.

In order for our industry to grow, we must move forward in a sustainable manner and give our workers the chance to build healthy lives free from crunch and exploitation.

This Saturday, we urge members of Australia’s games community to consider supporting a party which will give Australia’s game development community the funding it needs.


GWU Australia Organising Team